A downloadable leap boy

by the powers given to me;
as long as the eye can see;
it's always done if it's up to me;
let the black void of darkness set free.
This game was made to test the Ren'Py Visual Novel Game Engine.

It includes:

  • Interactive Interfaces
  • 2 endings
  • Kinetic animations
  • Jump Scares
  • Custom made GUI

Music & Sound effects:

  • sound bible
  • BGM by  Ryan Creep please support him


About a boy who suddenly tries to jump of the school's rooftop and end his misrable life, but life doesn't goes as one hope, what's waiting for him? you'll find that through playing the game.

  • Original made by 8man

Graphics and Character Sprite:

  • by Morg
  • some were edited using Photoshop

Programming :

  • Programmed by  8man 

Game Engine:

this game was programmed using Ren'Py

Developer Notes:

This is the first game I publish, Ignore any grammatical mistakes

Report to me if any bugs found

Install instructions

Download and extract to play!!!


The_boy_who_tried_to_take_a_leap-1.0-win.zip 68 MB


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